Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Shane's opinions-AM Class

I consider that the Three Strikes law should be used to send nonviolent criminals to prison for their whole life. Take this news story for example, Leandro Andrade committed burglary. He said he was never a violent person. He just had a drug problem. Actually, I not totally agree with him, because every effect supposes a cause. I wonder about Leandro Andrade why he had a drug problem. Does he feel unhappy? Or is he a man who can't control himself? It's hard to say. Even if Leandro Andrade is a kind person, he may do everything when he needs money to relieve his drug addiction. Maybe he burglarized someone's home last time. We can't imagine what he will do next time. Therefore, we have to end off Three Strikers' opportunity of commiting a crime. Also, those Three Strikers should be given chance to parole.

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